Know Your Why

The most important thing you can have is the motivation and the knowledge to know your Why. Why are you so drive? Motviated? Know your story of why you’re doing this and what makes you keep going. You never want to stop when you know your Why. I know my Why. I love helping people and taking care of them. That’s how I have always been. I recently sponsored a little girl who is in need of care, food, love, and prayers. She had been waiting 212 days to be sponsored. Out of all the little girls I choose her. The cool thing is that we can write to each other, I can send her gifts, and I can continue to pray for her and encourage her. One day I can even visit her. Sometimes we don’t understand our purpose, but I have found mine helping others and caring for those who desperately need it. I instantly fell in love with her. I pray as I continue to sponsor her we will have a special relationship. Even if we are across the country. 


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