Fluffy Business

Recently I’ve been busy with everything life has to offer! Some good some stressful. But have been keeping my patience a lot! Sometimes it’s just nice to relax and lay with a fluffy dog that completely loves you and wants to be by you. It reminds me of how we should be with others. Loving, caring and humble. It seems like my dog always knows when I need her before I ask. Continuing with the Lord had been blessing me because I’ve been helping my little girl in Africa. It is a humble feeling knowing I’m helping and blessing her and her family. While the Lord is blessing me.  Humbly whatever you ask for in prayer you shall recieve it. ❤


My Photography! 

I have a passion for photography and expressing myself though nature, life, and the greatest things that are unseen. The beauty that goes unnoticed. Beauty doesn’t even need a filter.